Book   What's Great About You! For All Children In The World


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What's Great About YouSM         Great Child ProgramSM


 *  Fun and thought-provoking activities trigger self-motivation in children by helping them discover what makes them great and much more.  For children ages 6 to 17 to use alone or in class or home.  Concepts have been used with children ages 3 to  5.

*  Activity tools, that include writing and drawing, are simple yet profoundly transforming, and focus on their natural strengths and what specifically makes them great.  Ways to recognize the good qualities in others are encouraged throughout. 

*  Inspiring stories written by children in Africain their own words tell how they  positively changed their lives after using this program and inspire other children. 

* Colorfully illustrated by  children.

*  A  poem and a daily list encourage children to remember and apply what they’ve learned.  

*  Tips for ways teachers, parents, and other caring adults can use this book in class or in home.

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