"We've seen emerging identities, bonding, and confirmation happen across diverse groups of young people -- every time we do it. 

             It’s the most impactful program I’ve seen work in the shortest time and with the least amount of adult effort.”     

Greg Tolbert, President, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Upstate,  serving 1,200 youth

A Powerful Transformative Tool For ALL Children

   Children express themselves freely, are heard, then become aware

of natural strengths through peer affirmations.  


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What's Great About YouSM        Great Child Program SM 


"Our children always feared speaking, but this was like 'bushfire' with high spirits and all hands up to talk."   Teacher in Kenya

"The Great Child Program Evidence of Impact Report is great; outcomes are impressive." 

Noreen M. Huni, former CEO, REPSSI, South Africa 

Reaches 2 million children with psychosocial support in 13 countries

NEW!!    The Great Child Class Process booklet is available, at no cost

 for schools and nonprofits  in high poverty areas , through  our partner  www.REPSSI.org

        Tens of thousands of vulnerable children were taught using the simple yet transformative Great Child Class tool, a part of the Great Child Program. 

       They built confidence, resilience and connections,  then changed themselves, despite tremendous hardships.  

         More than 200 organizations used this class tool in a variety of settings, in 12 countries in 8 languages for all children, including orphans, children with disabilities, teen girls, and children affected by HIV/AIDS.