"Our children were able to gain so much from this program, and our teachers were pushed to stretch and expand their work with children. We also used this incredible opportunity to help children of poverty know they can and do make a difference in the world."
  Dr. Chuck Bagwell,  2013 South Carolina Principal of the Year

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Great Child ProgramSM

"The faces of the children in the class I attended are still with me. I could see the transformation and impact in them even though I did not know them. From reading the children’s stories, I am struck by the therapeutic outcomes that the children experience. As a human being and a counsellor, I love the program.” 
Cecelia Rachier, Former Executive Director
Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors

  One-hour, highly interactive, and all-positive class, for children ages 6 to 17
                     (concepts used with children as young as 3)
         Children tell their stories in ways that draw out natural  strengths.
         Kids affirm each other's natural strengths.

         Children recognize what is great about themselves and others.

         The program shows them how to explore their dreams for their future.

         Enhances confidence, hope, and speaking skills.

         Teaches better listening skills, seeing good in others, respect for all.

         Triggers self-motivation.

         Children learn to believe  in themselves.


  TRAINING:  For teachers, nonprofit staffs, parents, and caregivers

                              Includes activities and methods to use every day

  COACHING:  For parents and caregivers

  GROUP TALKS :  For organizations and events 


  Higher school grades

  Leadership of others

  Good character development

  Creating healthier lifestyles

  Motivation to achieve goals

  Overcoming shyness

  Acting as role models for others

  Making positive changes within families and communities

  Speaking up in classes

  Opening up to share concerns

  Respect for self and others