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What's Great About YouSM           Great Child ProgramSM


Great Child Program Enhances Educational, Emotional,
and Social Outcomes For Vulnerable Children


How Does The Program Benefit Children?  What The Data Are Saying.
Data collected from eight Kenyan schools with more than 2,600 students that have been implementing the program have shown:

* Schools' average graduation rates increased by 60%

* Schools' average retention rates increased by 57%

The data also show statistically significant improvement in children’s end of year examination scores for a sample of children from the schools.
Teachers attribute these positive changes directly to the Great Child program. 


In Kenya:  Great Child classes provided to more than

43,000 children and hundreds of teachers, nonprofit staffs, parents, and caregivers.

Past News

I’m A Great Child Worldwide, was featured in Parents Magazine in Kenya, which included a 3-page story on the program.  And they placed Janet Bauer, founder of the nonprofit, in their “Celebrating OUR Heros”column.

What's Great About You is now a resource in REPSSI's Teacher Diploma Course reaching 200 schools in Zambia.  REPSSI works through a network of partners in 13 countries, reaching over 5 million children.

Featured on the cover of the Living Section of the Daily Nation, Kenya’s national newspaper; and given a 2-page story.  

The Program Director was interviewed on a popular call-in and talk radio show in Nairobi, Kenya where she spoke with teachers and parents.  

 Also Interviewed on talk radio in Botswana; and by Mmegi, the country’s newspaper which did a feature story on the program.