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 I am 9 years old.  My mother and father died when I was young and I did not see them. 
      I had to walk alone a long distance to school.  No one wanted to talk to me or play with me because I was very sick.  My skin was bad with open wounds from my legs to my head.  I had vomiting and diarrhea. I was not washing my skin because it was painful.   Everybody stayed away from me.  They did not want to be close.  After school, children ran home, and I would be left alone because I was very weak and could not catch up.
      On Saturdays, I walked a long distance to the hospital to get my drugs. I did not take them every day because I heard big people in my neighborhood say that I will die even if I take the drugs.   
      I wanted to join the Great Child program because children in my school would talk good about it.  When I joined, I felt people loved me because they told me what was great about me.  I never knew that I was great.  I thought I was going to die like the big people said about me. 
       Children in the Great Child class walk home together as a team after school.  After three classes, they asked me to walk with them.  
       One day I was walking to the hospital and a girl from the class went with me.  She talked to me about taking care of myself and my wounds.   Then other girls walked with me to the hospital, and came to pick me up to walk to school. 
         Children loved me.  I felt great. I started to take care of myself and wash my wounds.  I took my drugs every day. 
        Now my skin is good, and I feel good.  The doctors smile at me and tell me I am doing good. 
        I feel happy when I get to the gate of the school and children are smiling and waving at me and calling my name. I have many friends that are caring, and I love them too.  I am in the Great Child program two years. When I grow up, I would like to study at a university and be a doctor.

10 years old -  did only one book activity on his own: 
My parent hits me often because I make many small mistakes. When I get hit, I go to school and hit other children. Then teachers hit me.  What makes me happy activity:  My list - sun, music, friends, teachers, rain, when people tell me good things.  What I learned is that I have to make myself happy. 
 One week later:   I asked my parent to correct me when I make a mistake instead of hitting me.  I said to read the book too and last week I got pinched only once.  Before it was daily.  I don't hit other children. Teachers don’t hit me. I learned to make myself happy. 
One year later:  In a class of 32 students, the boy was #22, now he is #7.  Teachers gave him a leadership position as class monitor because of his tremendous behavior improvement and his good character in correcting and helping other children.  He started a Great Child Program in his school.


* This  gave me more confidence and I believe that I can complete my dreams.
* This  helped me feel better about myself.  I learned things about myself from others that I did not know.  I also learned that I am very capable.
* This  was a motivation for me.  It showed me things people thought about me.
* It changed my life.
* I think this class we had today was wonderful. It made me feel like I was special and everybody appreciated me for who I am.
* To keep going for the best, to improve to meet my goals in life.
* It helps build character.  It helps public speaking.

Examples of Outcomes in United States:

Story A - Math Student Participant
Middle school children who were having a variety of difficulties in learning attended a small class where they heard comments about their natural strengths.  A math tutor who had been working with one of the students for some time attended the class.  Immediately after the class, the tutor had a math session with the girl.  The tutor later reported that this girl had never been interested in learning math, but after the class, she was very excited about wanting to learn and actually applied herself during the math tutoring.  

Story B – After School Program Participant
A fifteen year old girl attended only one class.  A year later, she wrote that after taking that class she had much more confidence, and that she started speaking up in school, which she had never done before.  She wrote that her teacher noticed and selected her as one of only of three students to attend a college internship program. 

Believing you have the ability to achieve makes you more likely to try, to persist, and to succeed.