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I'm A Great Child Worldwide

Simple yet profoundly transformative tools trigger self-motivation and draw out natural strengths. 

Children then, on their own initiative, identify their challenges and change their lives.  

“The faces of the children in the What’s Great About You class I attended are still with me. I could see the transformation and impact in them even though I did not know them. From reading the children’s stories, I am struck by the therapeutic outcomes that the children experience, such as catharsis, vicarious learning, universality, insight, interpersonal action, acceptance, self-disclosure, guidance, altruism, and instillation of hope. As a human being and a counsellor, I love the program.”
Cecelia Rachier, Executive Director, Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors

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        Thousands of children have improved their cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social skills.   Many shared the program with others who asked to learn.  The program has been  taught in eight languages to children ages 4 to 17 .                   

​     "Despite many years teaching, I have never encountered such a powerful program.  Out of this, our school with 440 students created room for Democratic Discipline, which emphasizes shared responsibilities where learners, teachers, and parents establish rules together."