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Great Child ProgramSM

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       "The Great Child Program - Evidence of Impact Report is great. The outcomes are impressive and point to the value of Psychosocial Support (PSS)." 

Noreen M. Huni

REPSSI Chief Executive Officer, South Africa.

 Evidence of Impact Report shows

huge gains in graduation and retention

rates in Kenyan Schools   

I'm A Great Child Worldwide

 Draws out and affirms children's natural strengths, as they tell their stories  

in ways that lead to self-discovery, belief in themselves, and hope. 

Thousands of youth, on their own initiative, have improved their cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral skills.

"We've seen bonding, emerging identities, vulnerability, and confirmation happen across diverse groups of young people – every time we do it. 

It’s the most impactful program I’ve seen work in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of adult effort.” 

                                                                      Greg Tolbert, President, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Upstate, South Carolina, serving 1,100 youth


     "Our children were able to gain so much from this program, and our teachers were pushed to stretch and expand their work with children. We also used this incredible opportunity to help children of poverty know they can and do make a difference in the world. Six years later, our teachers are still using this program with their classes..”        

  Dr. Chuck Bagwell,  2013 South Carolina Principal of the Year

      Began in the United States.  Now taught in seven countries in eight languages.  Program has been provided to children, teens, teachers, and nonprofit staffs, representing more than 150 organizations, most in high poverty areas.     

91% of 87 middle school kids in a U.S. class wrote only positive comments:

              "It changed my life."

              "This  gave me more confidence and I believe that I can complete my dreams."
"I learned things about myself from others that I did not know. I also learned 

               that I am very capable."